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I feel better than I have in years….more energy, less irritability, happier.  I’m sleeping better, thinking clearer and yes, my tummy is much happier and more regular.  The weight loss…20lbs so far!!! wonderful, I won’t lie.  It’s great to “fit” into clothes again, but the health benefits are the real payoff. Read Abby's Full Testimonial
photo 2 Abby Baswell- Pittsboro, NC
Slim Cleanse is simply amazing! In under 5 weeks, I've lost 10 lbs and have completely changed my diet. I never believed I could accomplish losing weight, losing a dress size and going off 2 medications in such a short period of time. I am thrilled beyond measure and grateful beyond belief! Read Laura's Full Testimonial
LauraL Laura Williams LaFiette – Cary NC
I decided to join the Slim-Cleanse family after I used Arbonne’s 30 Day Fit Kit and 7 Day Detox. I have always struggled with bad skin and knew that if I removed toxins from my body my skin was bound to clear up. Not only did my skin clear, but I have more energy, I sleep better and I feel healthy and strong.  Read Laura's Full Testimonial
DSCN2711 Laura Rossi – Cary, NC
Of course I was skeptical. I did not expect my hunger to be satisfied from a shake system. I am a 6’6″ male weighing 220lbs (now) and I eat big meals. But I decided to give the 30 Day Fit Kit a try and I am so glad I did! I was surprised to see how full the shakes made me feel and the amount of energy they game me. Read Erich's Full Testimonial
DSCN2588 Erich Allen – Cary, NC
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